Turtles Day Nursery operates within an open plan room with each group having their own area, so your child will make lots of new friends.

Getting Started ...

Once you have decided that Turtles Day Nursery is the Nursery for you we will encourage you to book a FREE settling in session.

You will find that this session will help you and your child become familiar with the setting and staff. We understand that this can also be a test for you as a parent, especially if you are leaving your child for the first time. We will do everything we can to make sure you both feel comfortable.

All of our staff love what they do and are passionate about working with children. We believe that this is the key to your child's happiness at Nursery.

Baby Group (0-2 years)

Our baby area is bright and cheerful with lots of stimulating toys and resources. Babies and children will have lots of Free Flow play and some planned activities which allows them to develop at their own pace.

Ratios are 1:3 which allows staff to look after your child more effectively without compromising others.

Daily Diary (for our baby group & toddler group)

Your child will be given a Daily Diary which we will fill out to keep you updated with all of your child's relevant information such as nappy changes, sleep times and feeds.

Sleep Room & Changing Room

Our sleep room is quiet and cosy with several cots plus clean, comfortable bedding. Whilst you child is asleep a member of staff will check that they are safe and sound every ten minutes.

Our Nappy Change area is well equipped and kept to the highest hygiene standards, so your child can be changed comfortably and safely.


Your baby/child will have lots of opportunities to develop, learn and try new things.

At Turtles Day Nursery we believe that young children should be able to enjoy activities which the older children experience, so we adapt activities to suit this age.

Activities will include things such as ...

  • Painting, drawing and sticking
  • Musical Instruments, Movement and Dance
  • Story Time and Treasure Boxes
  • Construction (Duplo, building blocks etc)

Baby Group Essentials ...

  • Nappies, Wipes and Barrier Cream (bulk amount if easier for you)
  • Change of Clothes, Slippers & Wellies
  • Sun Hat & Sun Cream (to keep at Nursery)
  • Comforter (if applicable)
  • Teething Gels/Toys (if applicable)
  • Bottles (we can make up bottles or ready made)

Toddler Group (2-3's)

This group is very flexible because the range of different needs and stages of development such as potty training, speech development and sharing.

Your child will be encouraged to join in the daily routine including self registration (using a photo of themselves to help) as well as enjoy lots of fun activities such as story time with puppets, messy play, musical instruments and taking care of our pet fish.

We really get to know each child individually and their likes and dislikes. Activities will be focused around the things your child likes to do, however they we will also be encouraged to try new things.

Your child will also get the opportunity to learn Makaton (form of sign language) in a fun and free approach way.

Toddler Group Essentials

  • Nappies & Wipes (if applicable)
  • Spare Clothes, Slippers & Wellies (to stay at Nursery)
  • Sun Hat & Sun Cream (to stay at Nursery)
  • If your child needs to bring in any additional items we will request these via the Daily Diary.

Pre-School Group (Age 3-5)

Once your child reaches our Pre-School Group they will start to follow a more structured day, this encourages self-esteem, self confidence and self-care skills.

Their day will be well balanced giving plenty of time for Free Flow play, Planned Activity Time, ICT, Physical Development and outside play.

Your Child will learn to share, take turns, solve problems, achieve their goals, deal with disagreements, listening and speaking skills, social skills, manners and respect for others.


Your child will be encouraged to be independent. We have put several approaches into practice to help your child develop these skills ...

  • Own Water Bottle (provided by Turtles)
  • Own Tray (for their pictures, paintings, newsletters etc)
  • Self Selection of equipment and resources
  • Snack Time - cutting up own snack and pouring own drink
  • Self Care (toilet need, putting their own coat & shoes on)

Of course we are always ready to lend a helping hand and gently encourage those who need some extra nurturing.

Keeping you updated

You will find that we will do everything we can to keep you updated on the things going on at Turtles Day Nursery such as ...

  • Daily Diaries for every child in Baby Group & Toddler Group. These will be completed every day your child is with us.
  • Noticeboard for the whole of Turtles Day Nursery & extra section for daily activities for the Pre-School Group
  • Monthly Newsletter Lets you know what is happening
  • Post Box situated in the welcome area
  • Parents Feedback Forms- sent out annually
  • Parents Days - As and when needed
  • Events & Special Occasions- Easter Parades & Christmas Party
  • Open Door Policy - Parents are welcome at any time
  • Meet n Greet - we will always meet and greet you at every session

The Garden

At Turtles Day Nursery we believe that all children should have the opportunity to play outside. Your child will have endless fun playing in our secure garden with lots of toys and equipment such as balls and a sandpit. Your child will also enjoy planting seeds and watching flowers and vegetables grow.

Playing Fields

We are very fortunate to have unlimited use of the extensive playing fields to play on. Your child will get to use binoculars, cameras, bug viewers and much more.

Extra Fun Things

We often take the children on walks to local parks, shops and use the library to give them the opportunity to explore and investigate a variety of environments.

We also have lots of visitors to the Nursery including a mobile Zoo, twice a year which is very popular with the children.

Your child will love their time with us and all of the fun things we plan like Christmas parties, Easter parades and special leavers parties when the time comes to move up to school.

Our Framework

We follow the government issued EYFS framework pleaseask us for more details

If there is anything else that you would like to know then please just Contact Us we would love to hear from you.

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